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TeamTime and time again our patients tell us that what makes our practice truly unique is our Amazing Staff and the care that they take in making each appointment special. Our #1 job description every day is to make a significant impact in the lives of our patients and their families and we pride ourselves on superior communication that fosters lasting relationships. These deeper relationships, not found in most professional settings, are at the core of our mission and at the core at why our staff is second to none.

Public Relations


Office Manager

As the Office Manager for Sadler Orthodontics my job is to oversee the office operations and I am committed to making our patients and their families experience in our office a positive one! I joined Sadler Orthodontics in 1995 and have over 25 years of orthodontic experience and over 38 years of customer service. I have also had the opportunity to serve our patients as a Treatment Coordinator for 18 years and have worked all other front office jobs at some point over the last 25 years. My goal is to incorporate the wealth of knowledge and customer service that I have acquired to equip our team to best serve our patients and their families.

I am most proud of my three sons and in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, decorating, and the outdoors.


New Patient Coordinator

My name is Aubrey and I joined the awesome team here at Sadler Orthodontics In February 2018.  My mom worked for an orthodontist for many years and actually worked with two of my fellow team mates.  I love meeting and interacting with all of our patients and watching as their smiles transform throughout their treatment.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I live in Greenfield with my husband, Jeffrey, and our daughter Lauxley.


Scheduling Coordinator

My name is Jenni and I originally joined the Sadler family in August 2014. Before I became an employee, my son was a patient here. I knew this was a special place when we first stepped foot in the door for our initial consultation. I immediately felt at home with Dr. Sadler and the entire staff! I was thrilled to become an employee and an official part of the family. I love giving the patients the same great experience I had all those years ago. 

I’ve had the privilege of being a Scheduling Coordinator, Treatment Coordinator and also a patient of Dr. Sadler myself.  I love the upbeat and fun atmosphere of our offices! I have found a home at Sadler Orthodontics so it is an honor to welcome patients into this environment everyday!

I live in Hagerstown Indiana with my husband, Jae and my two Sons, Alec and AJ.  


Scheduling Coordinator

My name is Jamie and I joined the Sadler Orthodontics team in February 2015.  Although I have been here a short time, Dr. Chuck has entrusted me with much of what you will see when you check-in and check-out, as well as the experience you receive when you call into our office.  As a scheduling coordinator I enjoy watching our patients' progress as they come in for treatment.  I am so grateful to work in a fun and caring environment where I learn something new every day.  If you ever have a question regarding something "Non-Clinical" feel free to ask me at your next appointment.

I reside in New Castle.  Outside the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am blessed to serve in different ministries at my church. I was also a patient of Dr. Sadler when I was growing up here in New Castle.



Scheduling Coordinator

My name is Kathy and I am happy to have recently joined the Sadler Orthodontics Family as a Scheduling Coordinator.  I bring over 40 years of experience in Dentistry (from General Dentistry to Endodontics and Orthodontics) to the Sadler Team.  I began my career as a chair side Clinical Assistant for many years before moving to the front office more recently.  I enjoy serving patients and parents and trying to make each appointment as pleasant as possible.

My husband and I live in New Castle and have 4 grown children as well as 8 grandchildren.  We enjoy spending time with our friends and family.  I look forward to helping to make each appointment a pleasant experience for you and your family.



Treatment Coordinator

As a treatment coordinator, my main job is to educate the patient about orthodontics and their treatment options. Some of my duties include preparing new patients for their appointments, reviewing our patients’ medical and dental histories, discussing recommended treatment and reviewing financial options.  My favorite part of my job is meeting new people every day and I love that each day I learn something new.  I look forward to helping you sift through the ins and outs of orthodontic treatment as well as assisting you in achieving a smile that is out of this world.

I am originally from Wisconsin and moved to Indiana in 2008. I live in Fishers with my husband and our five children.


Treatment Coordinator

My name is Lora and I joined the Sadler Orthodontics team in March 2010.  With over 20 years in the dental field, I have performed numerous job duties in the dental office.  Currently I am one of the Treatment Coordinators where I have the pleasure of meeting new patients and their families.  I’m confident explaining all aspects of treatment from treatment recommendations to financial options.  I am also known to be in the clinic where I work with the doctors to make sure treatment is going smoothly and progressing on time.

I love our friendly, fun, and professional atmosphere where both kids and adults love our practice. I live in Middletown and have 3 children.


Financial Coordinator

My name is Krista, and I became part of the Sadler Orthodontics team in November.  I enjoy getting to assist you in arranging financial options that can allow you to achieve a beautiful smile.  You will also see me at the front desk filling in when needed.  I still find it amazing to watch new smiles change lives!

Outside of work, I enjoy being active in my church, spending time with family, reading, hiking &  watching football.   I live in New Castle with my husband, Jeff.  We have one daughter and one grandchild, and we are both over the top excited to be grandparents.  My role as a nana has brought my favorite past time of shopping to a whole new level!



Insurance Coordinator

My name is Kelly and I have over 34 years of dental experience in the orthodontic and dental field.  I am excited to say that I have been on the team since 2004.  I started as a Scheduling Coordinator and am now one of Dr. Chuck’s Insurance Coordinators.  I am dedicated to serving all of your insurance needs from verifying and maximizing your benefits to helping you understand how they will work together!  If you have any questions at any time regarding your insurance, please feel free to reach out to me.

My husband and I reside in Pendleton and we have 2 grown children whom are both married. We also have 4 grandchildren.


Insurance Coordinator

My name is Wendi and I have over 16 years of orthodontic experience working with Dr. Chuck since I graduated from IU School of Dental Assisting (IUSD) in 2002. Although I started here as a Clinical Assistant in 2002, I am now have the pleasure of coordinating your insurance benefits.  I truly enjoy helping patients fully maximize their insurance benefits to decrease their out of pocket expenses. 

I met my husband while I was attending IUSD.  When I graduated, I came to work for Dr. Chuck and have never looked back since.  My husband is now a dentist in Noblesville where we reside with our 2 children.  I look forward to serving you in any capacity that I can.


Marketing Coordinator

I have over 15 years of orthodontic experience. I joined Dr. Chuck in 2004 and over the years have helped in many areas of the office.  I have been the marketing coordinator as well as many other responsibilities throughout the office.  Marketing is where my college and heart come in.  I love getting out to visit all the dental offices, meeting new people, and sharing what our office has to offer to everyone.  I live in Fishers with my two wonderful boys who keep me very busy.


Laboratory Coordinator

My name is Kay and I have almost 20 years of orthodontic experience.  I have been a Fishers/New Castle team member since 2000.  Although I like working in every area of the office, what I enjoy most about being a laboratory coordinator is fabricating the orthodontic appliances that are going to help our patients receive the most beautiful smiles. We are in the business of giving our patients healthier and happier lives and I am very fortunate to be a part of such a positive and beneficial experience.

I reside in New Castle with my husband and our beautiful daughter, Sydney.


Clinical Coordinator

My name is Ashley. I joined Dr. Chuck’s team in 2002.  My role as a Clinical Coordinator is to help guide your treatment in the right direction at every appointment.  With almost 20 years of assisting Dr. Chuck, he has entrusted us as Clinical Coordinators to ensure that we maximize each and every appointment.  You will frequently see us guiding and directing some of the other clinic staff to ensure that the doctors directions are followed through with efficiency and accuracy.  I think if you ask Dr. Chuck, he will tell you that I can do things in the clinic that he can't do.  I call that "Job Security" ;-)

Like Dr. Chuck, I am a graduate of New Castle high school.  While in high school I was a patient of Sadler Orthodontics which is about the time I decided to pursue a career in orthodontics.  Shortly after graduation Dr. Chuck hired me straight out of my dental training.  I have three children, Jaxon, Maci, and Kamryn. In my free time my husband, Michael and I enjoy spending time outdoors and making memories with the kids.

Clinical Assistants


My name is Amy and I graduated from IU School of Dentistry in 2001 and then got my bachelor’s degree in 2004. I joined the Sadler Orthodontic team in May of 2009 and could not have been more thrilled. I am never too busy to stop and take time to explain each procedure as treatment progresses so that patients have a full understanding of their orthodontic care. I look forward to coming to work every day, and getting to know each and every one of you. I reside in Fishers with my husband, Jeff, and our three children, Reese, Braydon, and Hadley.


My name is Katasha and I joined the Fishers/New Castle team in 2013.  One of the most rewarding parts of being an orthodontic assistant is the happiness and appreciation our patients give us for what we do.  We enjoy making people more confident in themselves and helping them achieve better bite function.  My coworkers and our easy-going patients make it a pleasure to be here each day.  As I began my dental education, focusing on hygiene and assisting, I was offered a position on the Sadler team. 

I too, was a former patient of Sadler Orthodontics while growing up here in New Castle!  In the short time I have been here, I have earned the trust of Dr. Chuck with every aspect of your clinical care.  Please feel free to ask me if you have a question about any part of your clinical care.


My name is Nikki and I have over 22 years of dental experience. I joined the Sadler Orthodontics team in April of 2014. I love being part of giving our patients that beautiful smile that they deserve. Dr. Sadler, my coworkers, and patients are the best. I love being part of this awesome team. When not creating beautiful smiles, I am a busy mom of two amazing boys, Blake and Brock. We reside in Hagerstown. Go Tigers!


My name is Gwynn. I’m originally from Ohio where I was an assistant in oral surgery for four years. I moved to Indiana in 2013 and was blessed to join Dr. Sadler’s team in May of 2015 as a clinical assistant. I love the great relationships made with our patient’s and watching smiles transform with every appointment. I am married and love spending time with my husband and our five children.


My name is Emily and I'm a proud member of the Sadler team! I was a patient in treatment when I got the opportunity to join them. Dr. Sadler and the entire staff have been a joy to learn from. Our upbeat energetic encouraging atmosphere truly motivates your personal growth. I have two children, a boy and a girl. They love all of their activities cub scouts, basketball, baseball, and dance. We are from Middletown.


My name is Mollie and I joined the Sadler Orthodontics team in 2013 after receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University. As a clinical assistant I am always learning something new! The “patient experience” we have created at Sadler Orthodontics is unlike any other and it is such a blessing to be a part of. We strive to make sure every patient is fully informed during their treatment and that they have fun at their appointments. I love being able to help Dr. Sadler create beautiful smiles! My co-workers are like my family so it is fun coming to work every day!

In our free time, my husband and I love spending time with our friends and family. You can normally find us laughing and joking around!


My name is Ashton and I have been in the dental field for 5 years. I have experience in general dentistry, oral surgery, and training with dental anesthesia. I joined the Sadler Orthodontics team in February 2018. I love helping patients' have fun in the office and getting to know them. I strive to make every patient comfortable and very informed at every appointment.

I'm overjoyed to be able to help Dr. Sadler create beautiful smiles and join this wonderful team. I reside in Fortville with my husband Kyle and our son Lenox. In my free time, I enjoy being involved with Lenox's sports activities, spending time with my family and our dog Ollie.


My name is Hailey.  I chose Sadler Orthodontics as an internship in 2017 because of how fun and rewarding the environment looked.  It was by far one of the best decisions I've made since I was then offered a full time position as an orthodontic assistant right out of my internship.  My favorite part of my job would be being able to ease our patients' minds during treatment, and seeing all of the amazing outcomes that we are part of every day we come to work!  Did I just call it "work"?  I get paid to put smiles on peoples' face.

I enjoy spending time away from work with family & friends and spoiling my dog Millie!


My name is Tori and I have worked at Sadler Orthodontics since May 2017. I was a patient of Dr. Sadler’s in his New Castle office in 2009. I am now a clinical assistant and records coordinator. I love being able to meet all of our new patients at their first appointment and watch their progress over the period of their treatment time. I am originally from New Castle but I now live in Greenfield with my boyfriend and our two dogs. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my nephew, going fishing, playing outside with my dogs, and being around friends and family.

Quinn - Clinical AssistantQuinn

My name is Quinn and I’ve been lucky enough to join the awesome team here at Sadler Orthodontics to learn from some of the best before I attend Indiana University School of Dentistry myself this summer. I strive for you to have the best experience possible at your appointments through communication, casual conversation, and hopefully making you laugh-even if that means making a fool of myself! 

I attended Indiana University where I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science in May, 2018.  Being a Hoosier of course means that I'm a huge IU basketball fan and am lucky enough to have parents from South Bend so I can cheer on Notre Dame football as well. In my free time I love jamming to music, golfing, and spending time with friends and family.  I too was a patient of Dr. Chuck back in the day so I can appreciate everything you are going through during treatment.


Hi I’m Jessica and I have been with Sadler orthodontics since July of 2018. Working here is so amazing!  I love getting to interact with patients and give them the smiles they have always wanted and to give them that confidence that comes from straight teeth and a better bite!  I look forward to serving you at your next appointment.

When I’m not at Sadler Orthodontics, I love spending time with my daughter Ava. Her and I love playing outside and reading books.  My family is a big part of my life and I’m glad I get to have a second family here at Sadler Orthodontics as well.


My name is Abby and I was lucky enough to join the Sadler Orthodontics clinical team in August of 2018 after graduating from Indiana University in the spring. Being a part of this amazing team and interacting with our patients daily has only allowed my passion for a career in dentistry to grow! The atmosphere at Sadler Orthodontics is truly unmatched and has allowed me to gain an appreciation for an environment that I hope to emulate when I enter the profession one day! I will be starting dental school myself in September at Midwestern University and I couldn’t be any more excited! 

During my time at IU I was a part of the coed cheerleading team which has turned me into a huge IU basketball fan! In my free time I love watching the Hoosiers, working out, and spending time with my family. I currently live in Fishers, IN but look forward to making the move to Chicago in the fall to further my education.


Bio coming soon!

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